Silt Bags, Drain Protection & Water Diversion

Wood Stakes

 48” (bundles of 16)

 18″ or 24″ (bundles of 50)

Bundled Landscape Stakes

2” x 2” x 48” hardwood stakes are pencil point or chisel point sharpened for easy installation as silt fence posts, for tree stabilization, or in general gardening applications.

1” x 2” hardwood stakes are chisel point sharpened for easy installation of: jute, erosion control blankets, straw wattles and fiber rolls. Other uses include general gardening and landscaping. Stakes are packaged in bundles of 50 and are available in 18” & 24” lengths.

6″ (box of 1000) and 12″ (box of 500) wood landscape anchors (netting stakes) are used for pinning erosion matting, turf sods, netting, agricultural mulch and weed membranes. The stakes are used by landscapers, and professional groundsmen, but they are also great for camping. Available in full boxes only.

6″ and 12″ Wood Stakes (Vampire Stakes)


We carry 6″ & 8″ square top and 6″ round top wire staples (sod staples). 6″ staples are 11 gauge and 8″ staples are 8 gauge. Wire staples are used to hold sod, ground cloth, landscape fabrics, plastic vapor barriers, irrigation pipes and many other products in place. Staples can be purchased individually or by the box.

Round Top Sod Anchor

M Pins & J-Pins

J Pin anchoring Pin

Both the “M” & “J” pins are made of bar rod stock deformed and sharpened into 21” anchoring pins. Their unique design and physical properties allow them to be used for a variety of anchoring applications. Sometimes used for installation of straw wattles in frozen ground.

Sod Staple for Landscaping - M Pin

Spiral Spikes

Spiral spikes can be used with landscape edging and our semi permeable ditch barriers.

12″ x 3/8″ Spiral Spike – 50lb Box

10″ x 5/16″ Spiral Spike- 50lb Box

Pins with Washers

Fabric pins with washers are a great way of holding geotextiles, landscape fabrics and erosion control mats in place. Good for use in soft, loose soil, while the washers prevent the material from pulling through. They are available in a 6 gauge (3/16″) pin 12″ long, and the washers are 1-1/12″ diameter. (Box of 100)