About Us

Cascade Geotechnical Inc.

We are very proud to be locally owned small family business that has been in the industry for over 42 years. We stand the test of time with both our competition and our ever evolving industry.

We have played a significant role in developing Alberta’s Environmental Manual for Best Management  Practices (BMPs) regarding Erosion and Sediment Control.  With our dedication to conservation, we continue to actively participate as a part of the ARHCA (Alberta Roadbuilders and Heavy Construction Assoc.) Environmental Committee.

We’re small, but we punch far beyond our weight class!


QUALITY PRODUCTS, without compromise

North American sourced products

Inhouse Manufacturing

We Inventory Alberta Transporation listed Materials


Clarifying the problem to better inform the Solution

Educating our customers

 Sharing the latest Information

TRUSTED RELATIONSHIPS with our customers & suppliers

Loyalty, Appreciation and Respect


SERVICE EXCELLENCE founded in Responsiveness

Fast & Efficient, and Accurate with Attention to Detail

We are Problem Solvers

” Always with you on our mind”

INNOVATION with new ideas and materials

Constantly learning, improving and evolving

Adapting to ever changing Environmental Requirements

Always on the lookout for new Solutions

TEAMWORK matters…

Great things in Business are never done by one Person,

they are done by a Team of People