Other Geosynthetics



Geocell is a cellular confinement system used for soil reinforcement and erosion protection for roads or slopes. The product we distribute is a high-performance geocell, in a 3D honeycomb structure and is made from Neoloy, a Novel Polymeric Alloy (polyester/polyamide nano-fibers dispersed in a polytheylene matrix). This Alloy is a nano-technology material that combines the ductility of polyethylene with the stability and resistance of polyamides, manufacture under patented processes. Geocells ship in a palletized state, folded and compacted, and accordion out for installation on the jobsite.


Erosion Control and Confinement Applications:

In erosion control applications, the type of cellular confinement system is selected considering the slope, the forces acting on the system and the properties of the material to be filled into the geocell. The geocell system provides protection against severe erosion by surface runoff.

Ground Reinforcement Applications

Cellular confinement systems are used to form a carrier platform on highways and railways and to increase the bearing capacity of the ground. In soil reinforcement applications, the cellular confinement system is selected by taking into account the characteristics of the ground, the type of application, the fixed and live loads acting on the ground.



FABRINET® drainage products are built around effective and efficient geonet drainage structures. Available in different configurations and key properties to provide the optimum drainage solution for any drainage application. Combing the core with various nonwoven and advanced specialty filter geotextiles, FABRINET provides superior drainage options to aggregates, sand and other media.



Combi-Grid is composite of a Polypropylene Geogrid & Non-Woven Geotextile welded together. The non-woven layer acts as a separation layer between subgrade soils and the geogrid provides stabilization of soils.


  • Easy to install
  • Excellent interlock with fill material
  • High radial stiffness
  • Excellent reinforcement & stabilization
  • Filtration and separation combined into one product.


  • Base Stabilization
  • Sub-base stabilization
  • Reinforcement for embankments
  • Soil reinforcement
  • Filtration & separation of base layers

Triaxial Geogrid


  • The Tri-Grid product uses triangular aperture design to distribute wide spans of subgrade stresses more evenly.
  • The Tri-Grid geogrid is engineered using high-quality reinforced polymer materials and expert woven construction for superior strength and durability over other products on the market.


  • Stabilization of Aggregates
  • Road Foundations
  • Pavement Layers
  • Rail Trackbed