Landscape Fabric, Plastic & Aluminum Lawn/Brick Edging

Blue Ribbon Landscape Fabric



Blue Ribbon is a cost effective, heavy-weight, woven ground cover. Used by nursery growers in their container grown plant display areas as it eliminates virtually all light yet allows water and nutrients to freely pass through to the soil. Blue Ribbon will withstand daily traffic of customers while shopping for their plant needs. UV protected, this fabric is also rot and mildew resistant. Blue Ribbon is ideal for indoor greenhouse walking paths, windbreaks, and as a silt fence.

  • Woven polypropylene**
  • Black with blue lines every 12″
  • 3.1 oz/yd2
  • 17 mils thick
  • Permeability: 10 gal/min/sf
  • Tensile strength: 130×120 lbs
  • Tear strength: 85 lbs
  • Puncture strength: 70 lbs
  • Burst strength: 320 psi
  • UV stabilized (70% After 2500hrs)
  • Life expectancy: 15+ years

**Cutting may cause unraveling or split edges.


Available in Full Roll Sizes:

3′ x 300′        4′ x 300′

6′ x 300′        12′ x 300′

20 Year Landscape Fabric

20yr landscaping fabric


20 Year Landscape Fabric is constructed from polyester fibers spunbond into a swirling web pattern. It has exceptional strength to weight ratio and the natural qualities of polyester provide ultraviolet stability. 20 Year Landscape Fabric has excellent water and air permeability. Perfect for landscape weed control, patio underlying and drainage line wrap. Available in case packs and bulk rolls.

  • Spun-bonded polyester
  • Black
  • 3 oz/yd2
  • Permeability: 256.8 gal/min/sf
  • Tensile strength: 78 lbs
  • Tear strength: 52 lbs
  • Punture strength: 30.8 lbs
  • Elongation: 74%
  • Cuts without unraveling
  • UV stabilized
  • Life expectancy: 20+ years



Available in Full Roll Sizes:

3′ x 50′         3′ x 100′

4′ x 50′         4′ x 100′

3′ x 300′      4′ x 300′

6′ x 300′      12′ x 300′

Proline Landscape Fabric



Proline is a black, needle-punched, woven landscape fabric. It provides exceptional strength and toughness and has a very high UV resistance. The consistent opening size prevents weed growth and allows water and air exchange with the soil. This flexible fabric conforms easily to the contours of a landscape. Perfect as a landscape weed control, patio underlying and soil separator.

  • Woven polypropylene with a poly “cap”
  • Black
  • 4.8 oz/yd2
  • 22×10.5 strands/inch
  • Permeability: 6 gal/min/sf
  • Tensile strength: 140×90 lbs
  • Tear strength: 50×40 lbs
  • Punture strength: 50 lbs
  • Elongation: 15%
  • UV stabilized (70% After 2500hrs)
  • Life expectancy: 20+ years


Available in Full Roll Sizes:

3′ x 50′         3′ x 100′

3′ x 250′       4′ x 250′

6′ x 250′       12′ x 250′

20' Landscape Edging



We stock 5” professional grade lawn edging in 20’ strips. Each strip includes 1 coupler.

We also stock a full line of professional lawn edging accessories like: straight  couplers, 90 degree couplers, steel stakes & plastic stakes.




8' PaveMaster Brick Edging



Pavemaster is made of heavy gauge recycled HDPE plastic for years of solid retaining power. This unique design allows for installation in straight or curved areas with three options for anchoring – plastic stakes, steel stakes or steel spikes. Each strip measures 1.5″ x 3.75″ x 8’ long.

Pavemaster Boss is our newest Paver edging option made from 100% recycled PVC. Pavemaster Boss is durable enough for years of solid retaining power, yet flexible enough to be installed in straight or curved areas. By simply clipping out the thin strip on the back of the open triangle area, you can successfully convert this straight edger into bendable edger. Staking options include Plastic or Steel stakes or spikes. Each strip measures 1.5” high x 2.5” x 8’ long.

8' Pavemaster MAX Paver Edging


8' Surefoot Paver Edging



100% Recycled Material

Integrated connection system – ideal for green  roofs – no spikes or clips required

Heavy duty construction: will not become brittle to weathering  and last a life time

can easily be worked with for curved applications

Ideal for garden beds,landscape beds, brick/stone patios,tree rings, and walkways

Super permeable to promote proper root growth and drainage with eliminates turf brown out.


8' Proslide Aluminum Edging



ProSlide™ is a complete series of professional grade aluminum landscape edgings designed to function in professional landscapes. ProSlide sections telescope together utilizing channels along its top and bottom edges. This secure connection provides for a fast and simple installation process, and ensures long-term performance. The connection requires no stakes, allowing for uniform stake placement along the length of the edging section. ProSlide is made of a durable aluminum alloy, an ideal material for the landscape. Aluminum is lightweight, sustainable, and strong enough to meet the demands placed upon a professional landscape. available in silver and black



8' Rock Star Garden Edge Extra Strenth



100% Recycled Material
Key hole interlocking system: lengths are easily and quickly connected.
Superior Reinforcement – rigid enough to provide perfectly straight line; flexible enough for the most demanding curves.
Heavy duty 1 1/8″ nail loops located every 23″: allows for more frequent nailing positions, providing superior anchoring where required.

available in silver and black


8.4' Surefoot Aluminum Paver Edging



Made from 100%  recycled material.

Comes in strips 1.5″ high and 8’4″ long.

What the professionals use and easy for the “Do-it-yourself-er” to install.

Heavy duty construction: will not become brittle to weathering and lasts a lifetime.

Comes in straight form but can easily be worked with for curved applications/corners.